VARIOUS - Moving Away From The Pulsebeat: Post-Punk Britain 1977-1981 CD BOX

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TITULO: Moving Away From The Pulsebeat: Post-Punk Britain 1977-1981

ESTILO: Rock, Pop, New Wave, Punk, After Punk

AÑO: 2024

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Disc 1

1-1 The Soft Boys– Wading Through A Ventilator

1-2 Ultravox– Hiroshima Mon Amour

1-3 Métal Urbain– Paris Maquis

1-4 Swell Maps– Black Velvet

1-5 Buzzcocks– Moving Away From The Pulsebeat

1-6 Subway Sect– Dontsplitit

1-7 2.3– All Time Low

1-8 The Lines– White Night

1-9 Siouxsie & The Banshees– Voices (B-Side Version)

1-10 Gang Of Four– Armalite Rifle (Fast Prodcut Version)

1-11 Penetration (2)– Movement

1-12 XTC– Crowded Room

1-13 pragVEC– Existential

1-14 Alternative TV– Life

1-15 Magazine– Give Me Everything

1-16 'O' Level– Everybody's On Revolver Tonight

1-17 Tubeway Army– Listen To The Sirens

1-18 The Crazies (3)– Strontium

1-19 Spizzoil– Red And Black

1-20 The Teardrop Explodes– Camera Camera (Zoo Version)

1-21 Glaxo Babies– Stay Awake

1-22 Stiff Little Fingers– Closed Groove

Disc 2

2-1 The Pop Group– She Is Beyond Good And Evil

2-2 Scars (2)– Adultery

2-3 The Raincoats– Adventures Close To Home

2-4 The Outsiders (2)– Touch And Go

2-5 Essential Logic– Wake Up

2-6 Joy Division– Disorder

2-7 Cult Figures– Playing With Toys

2-8 Toyah (3)– Neon Womb

2-9 The Disco Zombies– Greenland

2-10 Au Pairs– Kerb Crawler

2-11 The Revillos– The Fiend

2-12 The Slits– Ping Pong Affair

2-13 Helsinki 5 Below– Jennifer Darling

2-14 The Ruts– S.U.S.

2-15 The Passage– Time Delay

2-16 Lene Lovich– Bird Song

2-17 Apartment (2)– The Alternative

2-18 The Associates– Mona Property Girl

2-19 The Art Attacks– Rat City

2-20 The Human League– Path Of Least Resistance

2-21 Essential Bop– Chronicle

2-22 Killing Joke– Nervous Sytem

Disc 3

3-1 Public Image Limited– Poptones

3-2 Scritti Politti– Hegemony

3-3 Adam And The Ants– Tabletalk

3-4 John Cooper Clarke– Sleepwalk

3-5 The Electric Chairs– J'attends Les Marines

3-6 The Fall– Fiery Jack

3-7 The Insex– Inner Sanction

3-8 The Psychedelic Furs– Sister Europe

3-9 The Flying Lizards– Her Story

3-10 Again Again– Co-Optimist

3-11 Expelaires– Kicks

3-12 The Cure– A Forest

3-13 The Flowers (2)– Ballad Of Miss Demeanour

3-14 Occult Chemistry– Water

3-15 The The– Black And White

3-16 The Cravats– Who's In Here With Me?

3-17 Artery (2)– Unbalanced

3-18 Echo & The Bunnymen– The Puppet

3-19 The Diagram Brothers– There Is No Shower

Disc 4

4-1 The Jam– Scrape Away

4-2 Throbbing Gristle– Something Came Over Me

4-3 Furniture– Shaking Story

4-4 Mystere Five's– The Heart Rules The Head

4-5 Theatre Of Hate– Original Sin

4-6 Girls At Our Best– It's Fashion

4-7 Boots For Dancing– Hesitate

4-8 The Sisters Of Mercy– Watch

4-9 Restricted Code– First Night On

4-10 Normil Hawaiians– The Beat Goes On

4-11 Modern Eon– Waiting For The Cavalry

4-12 Ski Patrol– Agent Orange

4-13 Dead Or Alive– I'm Falling

4-14 In Camera– Fragments Of Fear

4-15 The Avant Gardeners– Where Are My Hormones

4-16 Blah Blah Blah– Central Park

4-17 Virgin Prunes– Twenty Tens

4-18 New Order– In A Lonely Place (Original Verrsion)

4-19 Second Layer– Underneath The Glass

Disc 5

5-1 The Clash– The Magnificent Seven

5-2 Robert Wyatt– Born Again Cretin

5-3 Bow Wow Wow– C30 C60 C90 Anda!

5-4 Young Marble Giants– Click Talk

5-5 The Nightingales– Seconds

5-6 23 Skidoo– Another Babys Face

5-7 The Birthday Party– Dull Day

5-8 Josef K– Pictures

5-9 The Undertones– You're Welcome

5-10 Fire Engines– Meat Whiplash

5-11 Jah Wobble– Nocturnal (Edit)

5-12 Dislocation Dance– So Much Fault

5-13 Five Or Six– Building Kind

5-14 Ludus– Mother's Hour

5-15 Section 25– Je Veux Ton Amour

5-16 Sad Lovers And Giants– Colourless Dream

5-17 Rip Rig & Panic– Go, Go, Go! (This Is It)

5-18 The Reflections (3)– Tightrope Walker

5-19 Club Tango– FTN

5-20 The Outcasts– Programme Love

5-21 The Higsons– It Goes Waap!

5-22 Kan Kan– Changing Trains

5-23 The Membranes– All Roads Lead To Norway

Moving Away From The Pulsebeat: Post-Punk Britain 1977-1981
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