VARIOUS - Do The Strum! (Girl Groups And Pop Chanteuses 1960-1966) CD BOX

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TITULO: Do The Strum! (Girl Groups And Pop Chanteuses 1960-1966)

ESTILO: Rock, Pop, Beat, 60s

AÑO: 2024

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1-1 Eve Boswell– Sur Le Pont D’Avignon

1-2 Yolanda (15)– With This Kiss

1-3 Carol Jones (2)– Boy With The Eyes Of Blue (Meek Version)

1-4 Pat Reader– Cha Cha On The Moon

1-5 Glenda Collins– I Lost My Heart At The Fairground

1-6 Jenny Moss– Hobbies

1-7 The Cameos– Powercut (Alternate Vocal/Original Speed)

1-8 Pamela Blue– My Friend Bobby

1-9 Glenda Collins– If You’ve Got To Pick A Baby

1-10 Gunilla Thorn– Merry Go Round (Original Speed)

1-11 Jenny Moss– Please Let It Happen To Me (Film Version)

1-12 The Sharades– Dumb Head

1-13 Kim Roberts (2)– I’ll Prove It

1-14 The Cameos– My Baby’s Coming Home

1-15 Glenda Collins– Baby It Hurts

1-16 Glenda Collins– Lollipop

1-17 Flip And The Dateliners*– My Johnny Doesn’t Come Around Anymore

1-18 Valerie Masters– Christmas Calling

1-19 Glenda Collins– Johnny Loves Me

1-20 Judy Cannon– The Very First Day I Met You

1-21 Glenda Collins– Thou Shalt Not Steal

1-22 The Honeycombs– Something I’ve Got To Tell You (Stereo Mix)

1-23 Diane And The Javelins*– Heart And Soul

1-24 Glenda Collins– Something I’ve Got To Tell You (Original Speed)

1-25 Glenda Collins– It’s Hard To Believe It


2-1 Eve Boswell– Around The Corner

2-2 Yolanda (15)– Don’t Tell Me Not To Love You

2-3 Carol Jones (2)– Cinderella Jones

2-4 Pat Reader– May Your Heart Stay Young Forever

2-5 Pat Reader– My Kind Of Love

2-6 Unknown Artist– Say Baby

2-7 Unknown Artist– Johnny Oh

2-8 Gerry Harlow– Do The Strum

2-9 Gerry Harlow– Mr Right

2-10 Billie Davis– Merry Go Round

2-11 Billie Davis– Don’t You Knock On My Door

2-12 Billie Davis– It’s Goodbye Then

2-13 Billie Davis– Mr Right

2-14 Billie Davis– I Think I’m Falling In Love

2-15 Glenda Collins– I Feel So Good

2-16 Glenda Collins– In The First Place (Original Speed)

2-17 Glenda Collins– Nice Wasn’t It (Original Speed)

2-18 Glenda Collins– Everybody’s Gotta Fall In Love (Original Speed)

2-19 Jenny Moss– Big Boys

2-20 Jenny Moss– Please Let It Happen To Me (Alternate Version)

2-21 Jenny Moss– Keep Away From My Baby’s Door

2-22 Jenny Moss– When My Boy Comes Marching Home Again

2-23 Jenny Moss– Every Little Kiss (Demo)

2-24 Kim Roberts (2)– For Loving Me This Way

2-25 Kim Roberts (2)– A Girl In The Crowd

2-26 Kim Roberts (2)– Mr Right

2-27 Kim Roberts (2)– Everytime

2-28 Kim Roberts (2)– Love Can’t Wait

2-29 The Cameos– High, Low And Lonesomely (Alternate Version)

2-30 The Cameos– Where E’re You Walk

2-31 The Cameos– Only In Love

2-32 Pamela Blue– Hey There Stranger (Alternate Version)


3-1 Gunilla Thorn– Go On Then

3-2 Gunilla Thorn– Blueberry Hill

3-3 Gunilla Thorn– Keep Away From My Baby’s Door

3-4 Gunilla Thorn– Alright I’m In Love With You (Audition)

3-5 Gunilla Thorn– Come On

3-6 Gunilla Thorn– Who Started It

3-7 The Halos (8)– When

3-8 The Halos (8)– Don’t Ever Change

3-9 Lea And Chess*– Little Star (Shine On Us Tonight)

3-10 Lea And Chess*– A Long Time Ago

3-11 Valerie Masters– He Didn’t Fool Me

3-12 The Sharades– Boy Trouble (Alternate Version)

3-13 The Sharades– Aren’t You Glad You’re You

3-14 The Sharades– Loneliness

3-15 Flip And The Dateliners*– Please Listen To Me

3-16 Flip And The Dateliners*– Bye Bye Baby Bunting

3-17 Flip And The Dateliners*– Mama Didn’t Lie

3-18 Flip And The Dateliners*– The Mod

3-19 Flip And The Dateliners*– From Tomorrow

3-20 Flip (8) With The Riot Squad– It’s Hard To Believe It

3-21 June Harris– Ma I Miss Your Apple Pie

3-22 June Harris– Remember Your Love Belongs To Me

3-23 Judy Cannon– Hello Heartache (Alternate Version)

3-24 Glenda Collins– Been Invited To A Party

3-25 Glenda Collins– Paradise For Two (Mix Take 4)

3-26 Glenda Collins– My Heart Didn’t Lie (Original Speed/Pre Backing Vocals)

3-27 Glenda Collins– Don’t Let It Rain On Sunday

3-28 Denise Scott And The Soundsmen*– Your Love Keeps Me Going

3-29 Denise Scott And The Soundsmen*– Love Me Tonight

3-30 Diane And The Javelins*– Whose The Girl

3-31 Diane And The Javelins*– Cry Baby

Do The Strum Girl Groups And Pop Chanteuses 1960-1966
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