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FRANK ZAPPA - The Lost Solos • The Son Of The Lost Solos • The Return Of The Son Of The Lost Solos CD BOX

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FORMATO: 3 CD BOX. Edición limitada.


TITULO: The Lost Solos • The Son Of The Lost Solos • The Return Of The Son Of The Lost Solos

ESTILO: Rock, Pop, Psicodelia, 60s

AÑO: 2011

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1-01 Vile And Pernicious

1-02 Jelly Bean Etiquette

1-03 Sound That Only Dogs Can Hear

1-04 Don't Look At The Sun

1-05 Acetylene Nirvana

1-06 Ten Long Years

1-07 Joey Psychotic

1-08 Twinkle Tits

1-09 Ageerk Alodnos

1-10 Where Are They Now?

1-11 Nighty Little Big Sky Sound Sculpture

1-12 Three Eyes Open

1-13 We Don't Know That Song

1-14 We Da Best!

1-15 Tiny Do

1-16 Baron Von Vloerbedekking

1-17 The Bus Strut Torture Test

1-18 Their Own Secret Language

1-19 When At The Whiskey

1-20 Briefcase Blues

1-21 Outrage At Chappaquidick

1-22 Imaginary Guitar Notes

1-23 The Soul Of A Lemontree

1-24 Return Of The Son Of The Son Of Alto Wah

2-01 And To Continue Now...

2-02 It's Just An Unflattering Angle

2-03 Euro Law Reality

2-04 Makes It's Own Sauce!

2-05 Cat's Nightmare

2-06 Metropolis

2-07 The Dissimilar Guest

2-08 Promiscuity's Finest Hour

2-09 1st On The Bill, Carved Up The Hill

2-10 Peering Into Dark Water

2-11 No Smoking On Trailways

2-12 Trick Or Treat

2-13 May Snap Shut On Closed Minds

2-14 Spontaneous Combustion

2-15 Under The Shifting Oyster

2-16 In The Memory Of Han Preston Blisterfelt

2-17 Look At Me Go!

2-18 The 4th Lie

2-19 Hageerk Olodnab

2-20 Girl With The Laminated Resume

2-21 Blue Bag Kenyons

2-22 Caked Crab Reflections

2-23 Epson Sauce

2-24 Stones Been Chokin'

2-25 The Virgin Judy

2-26 Fifty-Nine Morgan

3-01 Did Any Body Dance?

3-02 Little Tiny Auto Horns

3-03 Ornate Punctuation

3-04 The Dangerous Kitsch

3-05 Don't Go For Help, No One Will Need You

3-06 Phony Weel Guards

3-07 Tall, Dark And Repulsive

3-08 The Point's In My Eye!

3-09 Cavett!

3-10 Never Smoke In Pajamas

3-11 Deep Street Driver

3-12 Funny, Rolling Stone Didn't Mention This

3-13 Did I Have A Motor?

3-14 One Bound Down

3-15 Two Apes Meet, Fall In Love And Mate

3-16 You Can See It Anytime

3-17 Opened 3 Of His Eyes In The Food Stamp Line

3-18 Watch The Pestle Go Mortar

3-19 Green Honker Croaking

3-20 It Ain't The Type For Begging

3-21 Tumershi Inbetween

3-22 The Girl That Pretended To Like Me

3-23 Directions Without Words

3-24 Electric Boot-Chain Puller

3-25 Rat Tomago (Presented Unedited And In Original Live Concert Mix)

FRANK ZAPPA The Lost Solos
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